на Русский Intes Micro, Russia, 117036, Moscow, Shvernika str 4, phon: (499) 723 6640

«INTES MICRO» - commercial telescope manufacturing operation in Moscow.


The «INTES MICRO» factory includes glass and metal-working machine tools and interferometric and laser-autocollimator optical testing devices. Keeping up with modern optical technology help us to keep competition with world known leaders in the production of serious astronomical instrumentation for the knowledgeable amateur or for the school or university program. Astronomical telescopes and accessories ALTER , produced by us, are in high demand throughout the world: you'll find «INTES MICRO» products sold in over 20 countries through international distributors. USA, Japan and Germany–countries well known for their technological expertise–are purchasers of «INTES MICRO» telescopes and accessories. Polishing and Hand Figuring: After Maksutov-Cassegrain, Maksutov- Newtonian glass surface is generated to radius and fine ground, the mirror or lens is placed on an inverse-matched-radius pitch tool for polishing, a process that can require up to a continuous 12 hours or more. This polishing procedure returns the glass to full transmission or reflectivity, with all optical radii now very near their final values. It is at this point that «INTES MICRO» master opticians perform the final lens or mirror shaping (a process called figuring). In the case of Maksutov-Cassegrains, Maksutov- Newtonian each optical set is individually hand-figured to reach an optical null. Optical Testing: As Maksutov optical set, the grinding, polishing, and final hand-figuring stages of development, it is continuously tested and re-tested for zonal irregularities, smoothness of figure, and correction. Final diffraction image testing is done with a double-pass laser autocollimator that passes an intense pinhole of monochromatic light
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